Danny Fenster Stories

Journalist Danny Fenster has been detained in Myanmar since May 24th, 2021. For his family, community, and anyone committed to freedom of the press it has been a heartbreaking period.

We've created this page to celebrate our friend Danny through a form of communication that's close to the heart of any journalist: sharing stories. We'd like to invite you to contribute to this living archive to help keep Danny's name front and center in people's minds, show the world the wonderful person behind the news stories and hashtags, and show his family our support as we await his release.

In about 300 words or a brief 2-4 minute voice memo (you can find easy instructions for iPhone users here), please send your Danny stories to DannyFensterStories@gmail.com with the following info:
1) Who are you and how do you know Danny?
2) What specifically do you want others to know about Danny?
3) What's your favorite Danny story/memory?
From there we'll share your stories via https://fenster-verse.tumblr.com/