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11-15-21 - UPDATE...
The news of Danny Fenster’s release from prison in Myanmar on November 15, 2021 received significant coverage from top tier news outlets including ReutersThe Associated PressThe New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, and the BBC. Overall, coverage was positive in tone, noting Danny’s pardon by the junta and including quotes from Danny and former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson. This compilation represents a selection of international top tier coverage.

Freed U.S. journalist Fenster on flight out of Myanmar – employer
American journalist Danny Fenster is on a flight out of Myanmar, his employer, Frontier Myanmar, said on Monday, confirming his release from prison.

Myanmar frees U.S. journalist after negotiations with ex-U.S. diplomat
American journalist Danny Fenster was released from prison on Monday in Myanmar and has left the country, his employer and family said, following negotiations between former U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson and the ruling military junta.

U.S. journalist freed in Myanmar, says he was not beaten or starved
American journalist Danny Fenster said he was healthy and happy to be going home after he was freed from prison in Myanmar and flew to Qatar on Monday, following negotiations between former U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson and the ruling military junta.

U.S. News & World Report:
Freed U.S. Journalist Fenster on Flight Out of Myanmar - Employer
American journalist Danny Fenster is on a flight out of Myanmar, his employer, Frontier Myanmar, said on Monday, confirming his release from prison.

Danny Fenster: US journalist freed from Myanmar jail
US journalist Danny Fenster has been released from prison in Myanmar after he was sentenced to 11 years in jail by a military court three days ago.

Agence France Presse
US journalist Danny Fenster ‘pardoned’ before being deported from Myanmar: junta
US journalist Danny Fenster was 'pardoned' before being deported from Myanmar where he had been recently sentenced to 11 years in jail and was due to face further terror and sedition charges, the junta said Monday. 

US journalist’s family ‘overjoyed’ at release from Myanmar prison: statement
The family of US journalist Danny Fenster, who was released after being detained by Myanmar's junta since May, said on Monday they were 'overjoyed' at the news he was free. 

The New York Times
U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster Is Freed From Myanmar Prison
The release was a rare positive development in the country, which has been torn by violence since a February coup. 

The Wall Street Journal
U.S. Journalist Danny Fenster Released by Myanmar
Danny Fenster, a U.S. journalist detained in Myanmar and sentenced to 11 years in prison last week, has been freed and will soon be making his way home, according to the U.S Embassy in Myanmar.

Associated Press
US Journalist Jailed in Myanmar for Nearly 6 Months Is Freed
American journalist Danny Fenster, who was recently sentenced to 11 years of hard labor after spending nearly six months in jail in military-ruled Myanmar, was freed and on his way home Monday, a former U.S. diplomat who helped negotiate the release said.

US journalist freed from Myanmar jail with ex-diplomat’s aid
American journalist Danny Fenster, sentenced only days ago to 11 years hard labor in Myanmar, has been freed and is on his way home, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Bill Richardson said Monday.

The Washington Post
American journalist Danny Fenster released from Myanmar jail despite 11 year sentence
American journalist Danny Fenster, held since May in a Myanmar jail, was released Monday and allowed to leave the country en route to rejoin his family in the United States, according to his employer and former U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson.

American journalist Danny Fenster released from jail in Myanmar
American journalist Danny Fenster has been freed from prison in Myanmar, according to a Myanmar military official and former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who had been on a private humanitarian visit to the country.

American Journalist Danny Fenster Reportedly Released From Myanmar Prison
American journalist Danny Fenster has been released from prison in Myanmar on Monday, his employer confirmed, just days after he was sentenced to 11 years in jail on immigration charges after his reporting ran afoul of the country’s military junta that seized power in February this year.

American journalist released from Myanmar prison
American journalist Danny Fenster, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison in Myanmar last week, was released on Monday and will be allowed to return to the United States, his employer, Frontier Myanmar, and former U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson announced.

November 2021

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October 2021

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July 2021

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May 2021

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